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73124L Franke Slewing Ring Bearings

Brand Name Franke
Model Number 73124L
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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77232A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsManufacturing Plant Location:Crossville, TN - DC; Shaft Attachment (2):Grip Tight; Ball Bearing Housing Series:214 Series; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Retainer Material:Nylon; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Ring Size:Standard; Bearing Locking Device:Tapered Adapter Slee; d:2.4375 in; Ball Material:Steel; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Bearing Family:Grip Tight Ball Bear;
68963A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsBall Material:440 STAINLESS STEEL; Max Bearing Speed:4480 rpm; Retainer Material:Polymer; Ball Bearing Housing Series:208 Series; Shaft Attachment (2):Grip Tight; Bearing Family:Grip Tight Ball Bear; Flinger Type:INTERNAL RUBBER LIP; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; UPC:782475997442; Bearing Series:208 Series; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Ball Grade:Class 24; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes;
68965A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsSeal Type:Triple Lip; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Retainer Material:Polymer; UPC:782475986132; Housing Coating:No Coating; Flinger Material:Stainless Steel; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable; Housing Type:2 Bolt Flange; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Grease Type:Mobilgrease FM222; Bearing Insert Material:Nickel-Coated Steel; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Ship Weight:2.1 LB;
68534A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsBearing Insert Material:Steel; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Ball Material:Steel; Shaft Attachment (2):Set Screw; d:1.9375 in; Bearing Series:211 Series; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable; Max Bearing Speed:4000 rpm; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Retainer Material:Nylon; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Grease Type:Unirex N2;
74104A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsFlinger Material:Steel; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Ball Grade:Class 10; Housing Type:2 Bolt Flange With P; Retainer Material:Nylon; Ship Weight:2.3 LB; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Max Bearing Speed:5500 rpm; UPC:782476067748; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; d:1.2500 in; Housing Material:Cast Iron; End Cap Groove:No; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN;
74096A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsRetainer Material:Nylon; Flinger Material:Steel; Shaft Attachment (2):Set Screw; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable; Housing Type:4 Bolt Flange; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Bearing Series:204 Series; Ball Material:Steel; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Housing Material:Polymer; UPC:782475589562; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes;
66168L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsBall Material:Steel; Ball Grade:Class 10; Ball Bearing Housing Series:212 Series; Max Bearing Speed:3500 rpm; UPC:782475583119; Seal Type:Single Lip; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; End Cap Groove:No; Retainer Material:Nylon; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; Bearing Series:212 Series; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Shaft Attachment (2):Set Screw; Ship Weight:9 LB;
66153L Franke Slewing Ring Bearingsd:1.9375 in; Bearing Bore Shape:Tapered; Base to Center Hight Numeric:2.2500 in; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Split Housing:SPLIT; Shaft Attachment Type:SETSCREW; Housing Type:2 Bolt Pillow Block; UPC:782476587369; Grease Type:None; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Bearing Series:115 Series; Housing Product Type:TYPE EXL; Ship Weight:19 LB; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Housing Series:115 SERIES (112 - 20;
73119L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsDynamic Load Rating:30.2 kN; d:80 mm; da:92 mm; B:16 mm; Radius:0.6 mm; Da:109 mm; Oil Holes:2.5 mm; D:120 mm; Static Load Rating:44.8 kN;
68516A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsTake-Up Frame Travel:12.0000 in; Take-Up Frame Style:HEAVY DUTY; Frame Size:350; Special Coating:STANDARD PAINT; Screw Diameter:1.2500 in; Angle Size:5 X 5 X 1/2; Material Type:STAINLESS STEEL; Screw Treatment:STAINLESS STEEL; Ship Weight:200 LB; UPC:782475324460;
74092A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsGrease Type:Mobilgrease FM222; d:1.2500 in; Bearing Outer Ring Material:None; Flinger Material:Stainless Steel; Ring Size:Next Smaller Ring Si; Bearing Insert Material:Stainless Steel; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Bearing Series:206 Series; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Housing Type:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Retainer Material:Polymer; UPC:782476476441; Shaft Attachment (2):Set Screw;
66175L Franke Slewing Ring BearingsRing Size:Standard; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; Flinger Type:Rubberized; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Retainer Type:Max Life Cage; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Flinger Material:Steel; d:2.0000 in; Ball Material:Steel; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Shaft Attachment (2):Set Screw;
68499A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsShip Weight:0.8 LB; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; End Cap Groove:No; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; Bearing Series:203 Series; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Housing Material:Zinc; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Ball Grade:Class 10; Ball Bearing Housing Series:203 Series; Max Bearing Speed:7500 rpm; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Flinger Type:None;
71053A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsUPC:782475019229; Take-Up Frame Travel:18.0000 in; Screw Treatment:ZINC PLATED; Frame Size:40; Take-Up Frame Style:LIGHT DUTY; Angle Size:2-1/2 X 2-1/2 X 5/16; Special Coating:STANDARD PAINT; Ship Weight:27.15 LB; Material Type:CARBON STEEL; Screw Diameter:0.7500 in;
68478A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsHousing Product Type:TYPE E; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Setscrew Angle:65; Housing Series:115 SERIES (112 - 20; Ship Weight:13.5 LB; Housing Type:Top Angle Take-Up; Bearing Bore Shape:Tapered; Grease Type:Mobilgrease XHP222; d:2.0000 in; Split Housing:NO; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Seal Type:Triple Lip; UPC:782475698028; Bearing Series:115 Series; Shaft Attachment Type:SETSCREW;
77230A Franke Slewing Ring BearingsBearing Duty:Normal Duty; Shaft Attachment (2):Set Screw; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; d:25.0000 mm; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Ball Grade:Class 10; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; End Cap Groove:No; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Housing Type:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Housing Coating:Powder Coat;



66388LFranke1.3125 in - - - - 782476504762 - -
66158LFranke0.7500 in - - - - 782475243914 - -
68725AFranke2.0000 in - - - - - - -
77230BFranke - - - - - - - -
66399LFranke1.6875 in - - - - 782475698202 - -
68964AFranke50.0000 mm - - - - 782475966875 - -
68474AFranke - - - - - - - -
68518AFranke1.4375 in - - - - 782475823703 - -
74108AFranke - - - - - 782475887972 - -
77264BFranke - - - - - - - -
77266BFranke - - - - - - - -
77258AFranke - - - - - 782475261970 - -
68735AFranke30.0000 in - - - - 782475881376 - -
66180LFranke - - - - - 782475114832 - -
66166LFranke - - - - - - - -
66154LFranke - - - - - 782475588497 - -
68460AFranke170 mm220 mm20 mm203 mm183 mm - 1.5 mm -
68491AFranke - - - - - 782475000753 - -
68532AFranke1.2500 in - - - - 782475304417 - -
73111LFranke1.9375 in - - - - 782475144600 - -
71057AFranke20.0000 in - - - - 782475989454 - -
68647AFranke1.1875 in - - - - - - -
66175LFranke2.0000 in - - - - 782476483135 - -
66167LFranke3.9375 in - - - - 782475698103 - -


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