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Powertrust 7.4v 8800mAh Camcorder Battery NP-F980 NP-F980D NP-F990 With DC & USB Port

Model Number 7.4v
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

NP-FV100- - - - - - - - -
NP-BG1- - - - - - - - -
7.6V- - - - - - - - -
NP370-65.1 mm - 53 mm - - - - -
NP-50- - - 90 mm - - - 20mm -
NP-F550- - - - - - - - -
AA-PBUN3QBINA - - - - 10 mm - - -
NP-F770-71 mm - - - - - 41mm -
2pc- - - - - - - - -
f750- - - - - - - - -
2000mAh- - - - - - - - -
np-f330-68.2 mm - - - - - - -
11.1V- - - 62.8 mm - 13 mm - - -
6600mah- - - - - - 40.5 mm - 62.5 mm
HB406689ECW- - - - - - - - -
HE50- - - - - - - - -
NP-FV30-195 mm16 mm - - 0.22 - - -
F970- - - - - - - - -
NP-FE1- - - - 120 mm - - - -
1200mAh-31 mm - - - - - 19mm -


5200mAh NP-F770 NP-F750 np f750 NPF770 F750 Battery For Sony NP F970 F960 F770 F550 F570Z:15.3 mm; N:11mm; L1:40 mm; s1:16.5 mm; Weight:0.54 kg; d1:32 mm; d:20 mm; A1:19 mm; T max.:100 °C; H1:14.5 mm;
Camera Li-ion Battery fits S ony NP-FV30 NP-FV70 NP-FV100 DCR-DVD105 7.2v 1050mAhe:0.22; Characteristic rolling element frequency, BSF:11.11 Hz; B:195 mm; Brand:NTN; Y1:3.03; ra max:5 mm; k:16 mm; da min:583 mm; Nref:450 rpm; d2:648 mm;
3.7V NP-BG1 NP-FG1 Camera Battery Rechargeable for Sony NP BG1 FG1 DSC H3 BatteryA:25.5 mm; C:9.55 kN; S:6 mm; A4:20.5 mm; A1:6 mm; A2:26 mm; Designation of closed end cover:SCC203; N:12mm; Recommended tightening torque for set screw:3.5 Nm; T min.:-40 °C;
Powerextra Multifunction 6600mah replacement digital camera battery with USB Output for Sony NP-F970, NP-F975, NP-F960 BatteryDynamic load, C:74.5 kN; Characteristic inner ring frequency, BPFI:7.28 Hz; rs min:1.1 mm; E:62.5 mm; F:40.5 mm; Max operating temperature, Tmax:120 °C; Min operating temperature, Tmin:-20 °C; Characteristic rolling element frequency, BSF:4.47 Hz; Brand:NTN; Mass (without HJ ring):0.53 kg;
Replacement Battery NP-W126 for Fuji NP-W126S X-T2 X-T1 NP W126SWeight:0.71 kg; C0:6.65 kN; C:12.8 kN; A2:41.5 mm; A:25.5 mm; d:15 mm; B:34 mm; Dz:54 mm; Recommended tightening torque for set screw:5.5 Nm; Designation of housing:F204N-;
NP-FV100 for SONY HDR XR550E XR350E CX550E CX350ET max.:200 °C; s1:25.8 mm; H2:114 mm; J:164 mm; Recommended tightening torque for set screw:22 Nm; G:M6x1; Weight:2.5 kg; A:55 mm; Designation of housing:PLE210N-; Designation of bearing:UC210G2T20;
NP-F750/F770 7.2V 4400mAh for So ny NP-F760 NP-F730 NP-F970 Camera BatteryDz:100 mm; G:M6x1; T max.:100 °C; L:143 mm; T min.:-40 °C; N:16mm; A1:16 mm; Recommended tightening torque for set screw:8 Nm; C:35.1 kN; A:40 mm;
NP-BG1 NP-FG1 Digital Camera Battery 3.7V 1400mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries for Sony DSC H3 H5 H7 W70 W80 WX1Bearing Series:207 Series; Retainer Material:Nylon; Shaft Attachment (2):Eccentric Collar; Ball Grade:Class 10; End Cap Groove:No; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; Housing Type:Narrow Slot Take-Up; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion;
NP-F770 NP-F750 NPF770 f750 Battery with USB Charge Output with LED Power Indicators For Sony NP F970 F960 F770 F550 F570B:71 mm; s1:35.5 mm; L3:123 mm; A5:45 mm; N:41mm; L2:25 mm; T max.:200 °C; G:M6x1; Designation of bearing:UC312-39G2T20; T min.:-20 °C;
2pc NP-BX1 NPBX1 Battery+LED Dual USB Charger For SONY DSC RX1 RX100 RX100iii M3 M2 RX1R WX300 HX300 HX400 HX50 HX60 GWP88J:143 mm; d:60 mm; B1:77.7 mm; G:M6x1; A1:18 mm; Recommended tightening torque for set screw:22 Nm; s1:53.2 mm; S:30.9 mm; Weight:4.77 kg; Designation of housing:F212-;
Powerextra high capacity sony np-f330 npf 550 npf570 replacement battery with smart LCD display dual USB chargerSW:4.76 mm; L1:137 mm; s1:57.6 mm; H2:111 mm; G:M10x1; L:224 mm; S:34.1 mm; C0:45 kN; A5:34.1 mm; B:68.2 mm;
Replacement li-ion rechargeable battery NP-45 NP-45A in Shenzhen factoryA2:33.3 mm; N:10mm; T max.:200 °C; S:12.7 mm; e:15 mm; s1:15.5 mm; A:25.5 mm; d:20 mm; G:M6x1; Recommended tightening torque for set screw:5.5 Nm;
Dual Battery Charger Cradle For Sony F970 NP-F970 NP-F950 NP-F960 AC-VQ1051D Handycam LCD Series Battery Video lightBearing Series:206 Series; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Ring Size:Standard; Self Aligning:Yes; Manufacturing Plant Location:Crossville, TN - DC; Flinger Type:Rubberized; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Housing Material:Cast Iron; d:1.2500 in;
Original Battery AA-PBUN3QB AA-PBUN3AB For Samsung Notebook 7 NP530E5M NP740U5L NP800G5M 3950mAh Authentic BatteryC0:6.65 kN; C:12.8 kN; Recommended tightening torque for set screw:5.5 Nm; A2:36.5 mm; e:10 mm; A:25.5 mm; T min.:-20 °C; d:15 mm; s1:30.5 mm; B1:43.5 mm;
NP-F550 NP F550 NPF550 NP-F570 NPF570 Camera Battery for Sony CCD-SC5 TRV51 TRV7 TRV81 TRV820 RV200 SC55P 120°:355 kN; P 0°:950 kN; diameter dowel pins:8 mm; Material of Housing:grey cast; m2:378 mm; u:26 mm; m1:330 mm; P 180°:420 kN; recommended torque:500 Nm; end cover EC:SC524-620EC;
Laptop Battery for Samsung NP370 NP370R4E NP510R5E AA-PBVN3AB NP370R5E NP450R5V NP450R4V NP470R5E 510R5E BA43-00358A 510RA:57 mm; T min.:-40 °C; Z:53 mm; S:25.4 mm; B:65.1 mm; Designation of housing:FLE213N-; C:57.2 kN; Weight:5.56 kg; A2:73.7 mm; A1:18 mm;



Powertrust 7.4v 8800mAh Camcorder Battery NP-F980 NP-F980D NP-F990 With DC & USB Port Video


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